Midtown Magic

Last year our session was in the natural beauty of tall grasses and oak trees. This year they wanted to mix it up and chose this super fun city session. I am so glad we were able to capture all the special things about them right now...like how tall these kiddos are getting, and those adorable little front tooth nubbins she has coming in. Or how hard he laughed when I asked if he was thirteen and he showed me his age with his fingers, as three-year olds are prone to do. These are the little moments they'll be so glad they have forever.

This spot in midtown Sacramento was as vibrant and fun as this family's personalities, with plenty of room to run and play. I hadn't shot here before, but this might be a new fave spot!


Those eyelashes. Come on.


Thanks again for a great time, guys! See you next year!

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downtown fun

I love working with my clients to craft the perfect session for their unique family. In this case, we decided to revisit their former Midtown Sacramento neighborhood to walk familiar city streets and end the session at their favorite coffee shop. I love that when they see these images, they'll always remember this fun-filled morning spent spinning, jumping, waving at passing trains, tickle fighting, shadow dancing and eating and drinking things with chocolate in them. : )

martinez2017_09__for web.jpg

The early morning hour gave us such fun shadows to play with!

martinez2017_18__for web.jpg

Look at the joy on brother's face as he runs into his big sister's arms! Priceless.

martinez2017_22__for web.jpg
martinez2017_12__for web.jpg
martinez2017_32__for web.jpg

I love the sentiment of this mural. I love their shadows. But that little foot sticking out is my favorite. I die.

martinez2017_27__for web.jpg

The way Mom's hands and his hands are both folded the same way...  The way she's looking back to make sure her brother can keep up... these are the moments I am glad they will have forever.

martinez2017_60__for web.jpg

This is one of my favorite images ever! You can just tell how much fun they're having.

martinez2017_44__for web.jpg
martinez2017_47__for web.jpg
martinez2017_50__for web.jpg
martinez2017_63__for web.jpg
martinez2017_42__for web.jpg
martinez2017_28__for web.jpg

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Color Factory!

Somehow I heard of the Color Factory way in its early stages, and from the get go I wanted to experience it. Because I found about it so early, there were even tickets available – but my schedule wasn't aligning to allow me to go. Cut to the opening, the ensuing excitement surrounding it and sold out tickets for the run of the show. I was so disappointed that I couldn't make it happen, but was resigned to just live vicariously through the #colorfactory hashtag instead.

But then! My dear friend and blogger extraordinaire, Kachet of The Kachet Life swooped in with a fantastic surprise - an invite to join her at Alaska Airlines' private event! #yesssssWe left Sacramento on a Thursday afternoon and had an easy drive into the City. (Can I just also add that in addition to all of Kachet's other skills, her city driving and parking game is STRONG?) We enjoyed some drinks and toasted her recent engagement (!) nearby at Pacific Cocktail Haven before heading in.

From the minute we laid eyes on the building, visual treats were around every corner.


That olfactory wall! The balloons! Every room was more fun than the next.


That ball pit... There were 200,000 yellow balls in that thing. When I got in there, I started laughing so hard. All the weeks of stress just bubbled up and out of me. I felt so light and happy in there – I can't even explain the release. I had never been in a ball pit before and had very low expectations., but who knew it would be so fun?! That gif just makes me so happy.


There was a room where confetti rains down continually from the ceiling. You wouldn't believe where that stuff can get lodged. ; ) And getting that perfect confetti shot isn't easy, as evidenced below. In case you're wondering, this confetti tasted salty. I don't know if that was a special Color Factory treat or all confetti tastes this way, but I may never know. : )


All in all, this was one of the most fun experiences I've had in a long time. Hanging out with Kachet is always fun, but this took it to a new level. I don't know if they're ever going to open up tickets again, but if there's a way for you to get to the Color Factory, I highly recommend it! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go see if I can install a giant ball pit in my house. ; )


It seems like Mother's Day is the perfect time to post this sweet newborn lifestyle session I had with this little three-month old peanut recently. He chose to come into the world quite a bit earlier than expected, but if you had mamas as awesome as these, you’d want to hurry up and join them, too.  : )

There is nothing more enjoyable for me as a photographer than to be invited into a family's home to spend time witnessing them tenderly stoking their baby's forehead, snuggling him close, marveling at his every tiny and perfect feature and just generally loving on each other. <sigh>


Every room in their home was so fun and a great reflection of who lives here, but I think my favorite might be the nursery with its palm tree wallpaper, surfboard and cool gallery wall. #luckykid

Little Sheppard, I hope when you are older and look back on these photos you can see how incredibly much you are loved. Sam and Q, thank you for inviting me into your home to spend this precious morning with you. If you ever want to do a session in Hawaii, you know who to call! : )

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Miss Millie

I was lucky enough to come and spend the morning with little Millie and her family. Many years ago I was on hand to photograph her older siblings, so it was so fun to be able to come back and see them as big brother and sister this time around. I had a great time listening to the running commentary from the older kids and seeing how this group is coming together as a family of five.

It may have been cold and rainy outside, but inside was cozy and snuggly and full of love. I'm so glad I could document those early moments so you have them forever.

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There are so many sessions that haven't made it to the blog! Here is another one of the minis from before the holidays. This little guy had us running all through the park:

That little curl. Come on.

So sweet. I wish I could get in a time machine and have images like this with my 18-year old, 6'2" little boy. Sob!

Permission Granted

I give you permission to embrace silly. 

To put your phone away and concentrate on your family completely. 

This should be their album cover.

To get dressed up. And wade right into the river anyway. 

To throw rules out the window, just for the next hour. 

To show your love.

This guy told me right from the get-go that he wasn't smiling and definitely wasn't showing his teeth. OK. Sure. #gotcha

Magic hour is my favorite.


I couldn't decide if I liked this image better in black + white or color, so I'm putting both in. What's one more?

Before and after. Personally, I like the wet and sandy look better : )

I love how she is looking at her Mama.

He would still be in there throwing rocks if it were up to him. : )


On my getting to know you questionnaire, Mom wanted to remember how happy her family is and how much they love each other. I hope when they look back on these images, they will always remember this warm summer day at the river, and they feel this love.

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First day of school photo tips

With a son heading off to college in a few weeks, I'm feeling especially nostalgic and started looking through my archives of first day of school photos. Here are some from 10 years ago, when these two were heading to Kindergarten and third grade. I love seeing that my 6'1" son doesn't even come up to the peephole in these, and that my daughter chose a ladybug lunchbox.

With the first day of school right around the corner for some of us, I thought I’d post just a few tips for getting great photos of your kids before they head off to start another year. 

just do it.
You don’t need a fancy camera - your smartphone is great! Just make sure you capture that first day. In fact, if you use your smartphone, make sure you get a little video, too. You can stitch it into your 1 Second Everyday app later.

scope out areas ahead of time. 
Time is always short on the first morning of school, so look for a suitable spot for photos a day or two before the first day madness.

think about lighting.
Find a spot where your child isn’t squinting. Full shade works well. Try turning in different directions until you find the one where your child’s eyes shine.

capture the details.
I still remember my Holly Hobbie metal lunchbox with the thermos I had in 4th grade… it will be fun for the kids to look back and see what shoes, backpack or lunchbox they picked that year so make sure to capture those details in some of your shots.

go for scale. 
Find a place to take a photo that shows scale. I like using the front door of my house, so every year it’s easy to see how much taller everyone has gotten. You can use a tree, the sign out front of the school, etc.

go close up. 
in addition to a full body shot that shows scale, make sure to get a close up that shows those cute missing teeth/braces/freckles/etc.!

capture the journey to school. 
Do your kids walk? Take the bus? Ride a carpool? Whatever it is, a photo of that process will be fun for them (and you) to look back on in future years. Especially if it involves your older brother walking you to his school for the first time and taking you by the hand.

consider getting in the frame. 
I am guilty of not doing this myself many years, but consider hopping in a photo or two with your kiddos. Your future selves will thank you. If you want my whole take getting in the picture, read this post here.

Happy Back to School! #themostwonderfultimeofyear


In my quest to get all my previous sessions posted, here's another gem from last year. I've photographed this brother and sister duo before, during a family session with their mom and dad. This time we squeezed in a mini session in Downtown Sacramento between their activities and the crazy rain that kept popping up. 

This first image might be one of my most favorites ever. They look like they are in Europe somewhere. They actually didn't know I was shooting yet and so this casual, relaxed image is them just waiting for me to get my camera ready (or so they thought!)


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Olivia came to me for some headshots for her modeling portfolio. We met in downtown Sacramento early in the morning to avoid the predicted hot temperatures for the afternoon, but it was quite hot already. This young lady was a total pro though. Heat? An audience of brunchgoers watching us shoot? No problem. All in a day's work for her. I, on the other hand, was a sweaty mess. Another reason I stay behind the camera!

Olivia couldn't be a more lovely girl. I can't wait to see what's in store for her in the future!

March in 31 seconds

I am determined to do a better job of memory keeping this year. I want to capture more everyday moments and I want a cool yet easy way to look back on the year. I found it in 1 Second Everyday. Have you heard of it? It's an app where you take a snippet of video every day and the app stitches it into a cool little video. It's so easy and once you see your life put together in one second bits, it's addictive. Here's March in my world:

I think I'll post each month here. It will be so cool to see the whole year boiled down to 365 seconds at the end of this project!