First day of school photo tips

With a son heading off to college in a few weeks, I'm feeling especially nostalgic and started looking through my archives of first day of school photos. Here are some from 10 years ago, when these two were heading to Kindergarten and third grade. I love seeing that my 6'1" son doesn't even come up to the peephole in these, and that my daughter chose a ladybug lunchbox.

With the first day of school right around the corner for some of us, I thought I’d post just a few tips for getting great photos of your kids before they head off to start another year. 

just do it.
You don’t need a fancy camera - your smartphone is great! Just make sure you capture that first day. In fact, if you use your smartphone, make sure you get a little video, too. You can stitch it into your 1 Second Everyday app later.

scope out areas ahead of time. 
Time is always short on the first morning of school, so look for a suitable spot for photos a day or two before the first day madness.

think about lighting.
Find a spot where your child isn’t squinting. Full shade works well. Try turning in different directions until you find the one where your child’s eyes shine.

capture the details.
I still remember my Holly Hobbie metal lunchbox with the thermos I had in 4th grade… it will be fun for the kids to look back and see what shoes, backpack or lunchbox they picked that year so make sure to capture those details in some of your shots.

go for scale. 
Find a place to take a photo that shows scale. I like using the front door of my house, so every year it’s easy to see how much taller everyone has gotten. You can use a tree, the sign out front of the school, etc.

go close up. 
in addition to a full body shot that shows scale, make sure to get a close up that shows those cute missing teeth/braces/freckles/etc.!

capture the journey to school. 
Do your kids walk? Take the bus? Ride a carpool? Whatever it is, a photo of that process will be fun for them (and you) to look back on in future years. Especially if it involves your older brother walking you to his school for the first time and taking you by the hand.

consider getting in the frame. 
I am guilty of not doing this myself many years, but consider hopping in a photo or two with your kiddos. Your future selves will thank you. If you want my whole take getting in the picture, read this post here.

Happy Back to School! #themostwonderfultimeofyear