Color Factory!

Somehow I heard of the Color Factory way in its early stages, and from the get go I wanted to experience it. Because I found about it so early, there were even tickets available – but my schedule wasn't aligning to allow me to go. Cut to the opening, the ensuing excitement surrounding it and sold out tickets for the run of the show. I was so disappointed that I couldn't make it happen, but was resigned to just live vicariously through the #colorfactory hashtag instead.

But then! My dear friend and blogger extraordinaire, Kachet of The Kachet Life swooped in with a fantastic surprise - an invite to join her at Alaska Airlines' private event! #yesssssWe left Sacramento on a Thursday afternoon and had an easy drive into the City. (Can I just also add that in addition to all of Kachet's other skills, her city driving and parking game is STRONG?) We enjoyed some drinks and toasted her recent engagement (!) nearby at Pacific Cocktail Haven before heading in.

From the minute we laid eyes on the building, visual treats were around every corner.


That olfactory wall! The balloons! Every room was more fun than the next.


That ball pit... There were 200,000 yellow balls in that thing. When I got in there, I started laughing so hard. All the weeks of stress just bubbled up and out of me. I felt so light and happy in there – I can't even explain the release. I had never been in a ball pit before and had very low expectations., but who knew it would be so fun?! That gif just makes me so happy.


There was a room where confetti rains down continually from the ceiling. You wouldn't believe where that stuff can get lodged. ; ) And getting that perfect confetti shot isn't easy, as evidenced below. In case you're wondering, this confetti tasted salty. I don't know if that was a special Color Factory treat or all confetti tastes this way, but I may never know. : )


All in all, this was one of the most fun experiences I've had in a long time. Hanging out with Kachet is always fun, but this took it to a new level. I don't know if they're ever going to open up tickets again, but if there's a way for you to get to the Color Factory, I highly recommend it! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go see if I can install a giant ball pit in my house. ; )