Permission Granted

I give you permission to embrace silly. 

To put your phone away and concentrate on your family completely. 

This should be their album cover.

To get dressed up. And wade right into the river anyway. 

To throw rules out the window, just for the next hour. 

To show your love.

This guy told me right from the get-go that he wasn't smiling and definitely wasn't showing his teeth. OK. Sure. #gotcha

Magic hour is my favorite.


I couldn't decide if I liked this image better in black + white or color, so I'm putting both in. What's one more?

Before and after. Personally, I like the wet and sandy look better : )

I love how she is looking at her Mama.

He would still be in there throwing rocks if it were up to him. : )


On my getting to know you questionnaire, Mom wanted to remember how happy her family is and how much they love each other. I hope when they look back on these images, they will always remember this warm summer day at the river, and they feel this love.

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